Planting and Size info


To give your plants the best start, add compost such as Daltons garden mix or similar to each hole. Mix it with the soil. This gives the new roots access to soft soil and nutrition. Water well and mulch with leaf litter, grass clippings or a commercial mulch. This helps with moisture retention and weed control. Don’t use weedmat. This ‘kills’ the soil and worms.


If you purchase your plants in the drier summer months make sure that the plants are kept moist. Watering every 3 days or so is sufficient until the roots get established in their new situation. Mulching will help. The plant will tell you when it is too dry. The leaves will curl slightly to conserve water. Better to keep them sufficiently moist. Bamboo is a heavy feeder and loves lots of food. Once planted, compost, sheep pellets, blood and bone or fish fertiliser are all good. Best to feed in Spring and Autumn and at the time of planting. For container grown plants, food and moisture are more critical as the plant has less access to both. A watering system is a good idea but not essential as long as you have a handy hose for summer. Slow release fertiliser in Spring and Autumn such as Osmocote is essential. Once established your bamboo will look after itself if not container grown. (see note above) It is easy to trim as a hedge or just leave it to grow naturally. If you want exposed culms simply trim off the bottom leaves. Root barriers are not needed for this type of bamboo as we only sell clumping types. Bamboo is technically a giant grass and similar in habit. As with grass species there are runners and clumpers. The grass seed sown for lawns is rye and fescue. These are clumping types. Their roots form a cluster. The problem grasses such as Kikuyu and Twitch have runner roots underground making it difficult to control. All our bamboos have cluster roots. NOT RUNNING ROOTS.

Available plant sizes

Bag size Plant size
PB8 1m
PB28 2m
45L 3m


General plant size information:
Sizes are approximate and depend on the season. Generally, they are bigger at the end of summer as they’ve had a full growing season or they may have smaller shoots if its shooting season.
The bigger the pot then generally the more or bigger shoots and the bushier the plant. The small plants may have 1 or 2 shoots whilst the largest grades generally have more depending on the variety. (Slender Weavers and Blue Bamboo generally have larger but not necessarily more shoots until the 45l grade)

Bag size information

This gives a rough guide so you can visualise how big to dig the holes.

PB8 = 180mm wide x 200mm high (approx soccer ball size)
PB28 = 280mm wide x 300mm high (approx regular bucket)
45l = 340mm wide x 380mm high


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