Large hedges

Large hedges

Large hedges are generally planted as wind breaks on farms and lifestyle blocks.
They can be used in a garden situation as long as you have the space as they do get tall.


Bambusa oldhamii – Windbreak Bamboo

Bambusa oldhamii is the most effective and popular choice in New Zealand for wind shelter for farms, horticultural blocks and lifestyle blocks. Ideal as a security fence as it is very dense when fully established.



Mature height: 15m – 20m Tall

Tall bamboo. Used on large properties as a wind break or boundary fence. 5-10cm culms.
Once established, this variety becomes a thick impenetrable hedge.
Canes are perfect for making fences, stakes and garden screens.
Edible shoots.

Conditions: Sun or shade. Cold hardy to -6

Recommended planting spacing: 1.5 – 2m.

We’re bulking up our supply. Please be patient. Estimated time March 2020

Bag size Height Price
PB8 1-1.5m n/a


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