Large varieties range from 8 -10+m Best for lifestyle blocks

Large varieties range from 8 -10+m Best for lifestyle blocks

Large hedges are generally planted as wind breaks on farms and lifestyle blocks.
They can be used in a garden situation as long as you have the space as they do get tall.


Bambusa oldhamii – Windbreak Bamboo
Coastal salt and dry soil tolerant

Bambusa oldhamii is the most effective and popular choice in New Zealand for wind shelter for farms, horticultural blocks and lifestyle blocks. Ideal as a security fence as it is very dense when fully established.
Bambusa oldhamii is also the most salt wind and sandy soil tolerant. If you have a coastal property and the conditions are saltier and drier that normal then Oldhamii is the best bamboo choice. (Bamboo in general is not a lover of these conditions) In harsher than normal conditions this variety will not reach its maximum height so is more like a medium hedge reaching approx 6 -7m rather than 10-15m. It’s also slower growing in harsher than normal conditions.



Mature height: 10-15m Tall

Tall bamboo. Used on large properties as a wind break or boundary fence. 5-10cm culms.
Suitable for coastal situations where other varieties will struggle.
Once established, this variety becomes a thick impenetrable hedge.
Canes are perfect for making fences, stakes and garden screens.
Edible shoots.

Conditions: Sun or shade. Cold hardy to -6

Recommended planting spacing: 1.5 – 2m.

Bag size Height Price
PB8 1-1.5m $45.00
PB8 1-1.5 $35 if buying over 100 or more plants
PB28 2-2.5m $150.00


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