Small hedges

Small hedges

All bamboo prefers to grow in the ground however the small varieties are better for containers as they don’t require the same amount of room to grow.


Bambusa multiplex – Golden Goddess

This is our #1 best selling and most popular bamboo. Suitable for smaller gardens, decks and tight spaces, pots and planters. It provides screening up to 4m but is easily clipped to have any height below that. It is the best container choice because of its smaller habit. It won’t grow out of its container as fast as the larger varieties.

Mature height: 3-4m Tall

If left alone it will reach approx 4m. It has an upright bushy habit.  It is very easy to hedge as it clips well. It is the best variety for containers as it is a smaller variety.

Despite its name this is a green variety. NOT GOLDEN

Conditions: Cold hardy to -8C

Recommended planting spacing: 500mm -750mm

Available sizes

We’re bulking up our supply. Please be patient. Estimated time March 2020

Bag size Height Price
PB8 1m n/a
PB28 2m n/a
45L 3m n/a

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