Small hedges 2-4m

Small hedges 2-4m

All bamboo prefers to grow in the ground however the small varieties are better for containers as they don’t require the same amount of room to grow.

Bambusa multiplex – Golden Goddess

This is our most popular bamboo. Suitable for smaller gardens, decks and tight spaces, pots and planters. It provides screening up to 4m but is easily clipped into a shorter hedge if required. It is the best container choice because of its smaller habit.
Photos below show rapid growth. August 2019 – January 2020 – May 2020.  Last photo, mature plant.    





Mature height:
3-4m Tall

This is our most popular variety. Manageable and ideal for smaller gardens where space may be an issue. Creates green space and privacy and doubles the height of a normal fence.If left alone it will reach approx 4m. It has an upright bushy habit.  It is very easy to clip into a hedge. It is the best variety for containers as it is a smaller variety.Despite its name this is a green variety. NOT GOLDEN

Conditions: Cold hardy to -8C

Recommended planting spacing: 500mm -750mm

Available sizes

Bag sizeHeightPrice


 Drepanostachyum falcatum – Fairy Bamboo

Very popular small weeping bamboo. Ideal for pots or as a feature. Has small feathery fern like leaves.
Misnamed in New Zealand as Bambusa gracilis. That name is incorrect. 







Mature height:
3-4m Tall
Soft feathery leaves. 1cm canes.
Small feature plant. Ideal for pots or feature planting.
Seed grown so won’t die from bamboo flowering phenomenon (this variety has a short flowering cycle) for 25 years.

Conditions: Sun or shade. Cold hardy to -4C

Recommended planting spacing: 1m

Available sizes: Available Summer 2021

Bag sizeHeightPrice
PB281.5 -2m$150.00

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